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'Traumatic brain injury related paediatric mortality and morbidity in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review' and 'Paediatric preoperative anaemia in low- and middle-income countries'

Dr Soham Bandyopadhyay on behalf of Global Children's NCDs will present 'Traumatic brain injury related paediatric mortality and morbidity in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review'.

Dr Somy Charuvila and Dr Sarah Davidson will discuss 'Paediatric preoperative anaemia in low- and middle-income countries'.


Dr Soham BandyopadhyayDr Soham Bandyopadhyay is an academic F1 at Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School and Milton Keynes University Hospital. Soham's academic interests are in neurosurgery, global health, and medical education. His academic supervisor is Professor Kokila Lakhoo. As part of his academic responsibilities, he is a stipendiary lecturer in medicine for St Hilda's College and a Teaching Associate for the Oxford University Global Surgery Group. He is also an educational and research mentor for students internationally. Alongside this, he is currently enrolled in the Public Health MSc at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. He is passionate about bringing the voices of patients and the general public to the table when discussing research or advocacy efforts.

Dr Somy CharuvilaDr Somy Charuvila is a general surgery themed core surgical trainee (CT1) and a research fellow at Oxford University Global Surgery Group (OUGSG). 

She graduated in 2018 from Barts and The London School of Medicine and was an academic foundation trainee in Oxford where she developed her research interest in global surgery with OUGSG. She has worked on international projects under the mentorship of Professor Kokila Lakhoo at OUGSG and other mentors at partner organisations in Bangladesh and Tanzania. 

Somy is also undertaking the University of Oxford MSc in Surgical Sciences and Practice as a part time student. As a surgical trainee, she is also actively involved in undergraduate surgical teaching and peer MRCS teaching.  

Dr Sarah DavidsonDr Sarah Davidson is an anaesthetist with a specialist interest in equitable global access to safe anaesthesia and surgery.  

She was co-founder and past president of GASOC (the Global Anaesthetic Surgical and Obstetric Collaboration) and the first and current clinical fellow of the Oxford University Global Surgery Group. Over 10 years her work has included clinical and educational engagements, both short and long term.  These have included working with the Freedom from Fistula Foundation, the Basingstoke Hoima Partnership for Health, SAFE courses, Lifebox teaching and surgical camps for obstetric fistula and for cleft lip. 

Other work has included on-site departmental development such as policy.


Organised by Oxford University Global Surgery Group


Chair: Associate Professor James FitzGerald

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.

Please email Louise King if you would like to attend.