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Programme details

This five-day course will run from Monday 9 September to Friday 13 September 2024. The course will run in Oxford in person.  


Monday 9 September:

  • Beyond the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery: indicators of surgical, anaesthesia and obstetrics need and activity.
  • Equipping the surgical workforce in an age of rapid communication.

Tuesday, 10 September:

  • The journey to safer surgery: the challenges to effective delivery of surgical and anaesthesia and obstetrics care.
  • Research driving change; the opportunities and the questions to ask.

Wednesday 11 September:

  • The right people for the right job; contextually relevant task shifting.
  • Ethical issues in Global Surgery

Thursday 12 September:

  • Resource allocation in healthcare systems.
  • Working together developing cooperative partnerships.

Friday 13 September:

  • Working in new contexts
  • Advocacy in Global Surgery
  • Course summary and next steps

Please note this schedule is subject to change.

Course structure

Pre-course preparation - 10 hours

All participants will be given a list of relevant resources (websites, papers, videos etc). This will be accompanied by a series of questions to enable them to critically evaluate these resources systematically.

35 hours in person teaching.

The subjects are outlined in the schedule above and will include presentations from the course tutors and invited international speakers, interactive seminars, small group study and opportunities for both social and professional networking by the participants and faculty.