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Please complete the application form below to register for the 2024 Global Surgery Short Course.

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English is the language of instruction and students whose native tongue is not English must be sufficiently fluent in English to enable them to study without disadvantage. If your first language is not English, or if your first language is English but you are not a national of the UK, Ireland or a majority English-speaking country recognised by the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), you must supply suitable evidence that you have reached the relevant higher level of English proficiency before any offer of a place can be confirmed. In some circumstances the English language requirements may be waived. Further details can be found on the University of Oxford website:
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Funding is prioritised for delegates from LMICs.
Please write a statement explaining why you wish to take this course, your interest/experience in the area of Global Surgery, and how you hope to progress in this field after taking this course. (Under 500 words)
Please upload a copy of your CV

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