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OxPal connects doctors and medical students in the UK with their counterparts in the occupied Palestinian Territories to deliver online, real-time, small group teaching.

We deliver a range of teaching opportunities via online educational platforms that utilise the wide network of clinicians and tutors in and beyond Oxford, in order to complement local medical teaching and deliver a range of opportunities to Palestinian medical students.

Our courses are targeted directly to what the students most want, based on a thorough needs assessment. Our current projects includes an online Research Fellowship Training Course, with an 11-part lecture series delivered by medical professionals from Harvard University, Oxford University and other institutions. Also, in response to the increasing need for the distribution of credible information on the COVID-19 pandemic, OxPal has re-orientated its focus to help promote a public health effort and relay to clinicians a clear message about how to approach coronavirus cases. We also run a Journal Club, which allows students to discuss and dissect the latest literature with experts in the field.

We have lots of exciting projects in the works. Keep on checking the website, or follow us on facebook and twitter to stay up to date on the courses and projects we have to offer.

For further information, please visit the OxPAL website