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Course fee£1500.00



A limited number of bursaries are available from several funding sources. Any applicant may apply for a bursary. Please state on your application form that you wish to be considered for a bursary. Bursaries may cover the cost of the course fees or may include residential costs as well.

For bursary applications, the admissions panel will consider the following criteria on the standard course application form. Priority will be given to applicants from LMICs:

A. Applicant’s credentials in global surgery;

  • Strong interest and involvement in global surgery as evidenced by personal statement and CV relevant to their phase of professional formation
  • Must be eligible for course i.e. meet course admissions criteria of sufficient English language skills, and to be academically able to complete the course

B. Applicant’s potential contribution to the course as a whole (e.g. they have experience which would augment that of the others on the course, their country or region, specialty, phase of career).

C. Applicant’s global surgery leadership potential in their own context

D. Overall view of the candidate based on CV and personal statement

Application deadline for bursaries: 12 April 2024.

Once we have received your completed application it will be considered by the admissions panel.

Bursary applicants will be notified by w/c 20 May on the result of their application