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Oxford University Global Surgery Group faculty and delegates from 2019 course
Oxford University Global Surgery Group faculty and delegates from 2019 course

The Oxford University Global Surgery Group (OUGSG) is a group of clinicians and researchers working together to contribute to the provision of high quality surgical, anaesthetic and obstetric care globally, particularly in low and middle income countries (LMICs).

Our vision is for safe surgery to be accessible to all.

Our aim is to work with partners around the world to support and build capacity for safe, high quality surgical care for underserved populations worldwide.


  1. To advocate for global equity in surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia

  2. To work with and support partners in LMICs who are engaged in clinical, educational and research activities in surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia. 

  3. To be a resource of advice and opportunities for those who wish to be involved in improving surgical, obstetric and anaesthetic services globally.


OUGSG is affiliated to the four Oxford University departments in the Medical Sciences Division that have an interest in global surgery, namely:

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