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Global Surgery

Miss Makins will be talking about the subject of her PhD – ‘Postpartum contraception globally - why it should be everyone’s business’.

Mr Mihir Sheth will present: 'Multi-disciplinary innovation in global surgery - an engineer's perspective'.


Anita MakinsAnita Makins is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with a specialist interest is in Global Women's Health. She has worked extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia with NGOs, Ministries of health and international organisations including FIGO and the WHO. She is an Honorary Senior lecturer at Oxford University and lead for Women’s Health at Oxford University’s Global Surgery Group. She has extensive experience in training and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate midwives and doctors and has published widely in the scientific literature. Miss Makins is currently on a year’s sabbatical from the NHS in Brazil.







Mihir ShethMihir Sheth strongly believes that healthcare innovation must follow the need-led philosophy rather than the tech-push philosophy. To that extent, he has immersed himself in a clinical setting and identifies needs, alongside patients and clinicians in India, USA, Kenya, UK and Senegal. He was one of the first employees of Sisu Global Health, and worked on developing and bringing the Hemafuse, an autologous transfusion device, to hospitals in Kenya. As an Oxford Global Insight Fellow, he worked in hospitals in Senegal and UK to co-develop solutions with clinicians to problems faced by them. He co-founded Inspiritus Health a UK-based medical start-up to develop non-invasive solutions to wean patients off the ventilator quicker.




Co-hosted by Oxford University Global Surgery Group 

All members of the University and NHS clinical staff are welcome.

Please email Louise King if you would like to attend online.