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Surgery is an indivisible, indispensable part of health care. The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery in 2015 found that Treatment for surgical conditions, a broad range of diseases that represent approximately 30% of the global burden of disease and span 100% of disease sub-categories, remains out of reach for the majority of the world’s population. This results in loss of life and reduced welfare for millions of people, and stunts economic development. 

The Oxford University Global Surgery Group is part of a worldwide movement which is helping to ensure at least a billion additional people get access to safe and essential surgery by 2030 by: – Promoting, advocating for and advising on best practice in Global Surgery particularly in the fields of research and training. – Working closely and under local guidance of colleagues in LMICs – Providing a forum for meaningful networking between those actively engaged in and those seeking opportunities in global surgery


Professor Kokila Lakhoo – Oxford University Global Surgery Group

Dr Anita Makins – Women’s Health in LMICs during the Covid-19 Pandemic


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