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Sarah Davidson

Oxford University Global Surgery Group Fellow

  • Anaesthetist
  • President of the Global Anaesthesia, Surgery and Obstetric Collaboration (GASOC)

Dr Sarah Davidson is an anaesthetist based in Winchester. She has been involved in global surgery and anaesthetic equity for around 10 years. Her engagements have included individual lecture trips, clinical work as part of the Basingstoke Hoima Partnership for Health and clinical teaching and service provision for surgical camps in Uganda, Malawi and Sierra Leone. More recently she spent around eight months working with the group Freedom from fistula in both Sierra Leone and Malawi working on obstetric fistula and emergency maternal surgery as well as Lifebox teaching, clinical governance and theatre development projects. Dr Davidson was also formerly the president of the Global Anaesthetic Surgical and Obstetric Collaboration, an international group of sub-consultant grades formed after the launch of the lancet commission to promote all level engagement in global health. As a fellow for the Global Surgery Group Dr Davison arranges the Thursday morning presentation series and is faculty for the September course and the student SSM.