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Increasing need and demand because of growing and aging populations combined with stagnant or decreasing resources being invested into healthcare globally mean that a radical shift is needed to ensure that healthcare systems can meet current and future challenges. Quality-, safety- and efficiency-improvement approaches have been used as means to address many problems in healthcare and while they are essential and necessary, they are not sufficient to meet our current challenges. To build resilient and sustainable healthcare systems, we need a shift to focus on triple value healthcare, which will help healthcare professionals improve outcomes at the process, patient and population levels while also optimising resource utilisation. Here we present a brief history of the Quality and Evidence-based Healthcare model and then describe how value emerged as a predominant theme in England. We then highlight the four solutions that we, as part of the RightCare programme, designed and refined in the English NHS to turn theory into practice: We end with a description of how triple value is being introduced into Germany and steps that can be taken to facilitate its adoption.

Original publication




Journal article


Z Evid Fortbild Qual Gesundhwes

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2 - 7


Führung, Kulturwandel, Werte, Werteorientierte Gesundheitsversorgung, culture change, outcomes, stewardship, value, value based healthcare, Aging, Delivery of Health Care, England, Evidence-Based Practice, Germany, Health Personnel, Health Services Needs and Demand, Humans, State Medicine