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The objective of this study was to assess the affect of pallet location on torso kinematics during lifting. Participants transferred 11.3 kg boxes to pallets at two orientations and two distances from a constant lift origin. When reorienting the pallet from 180° to 90°, torso twist, lateral and sagittal torso kinematics increased when palletizing to various locations on the pallet when keeping the pallet distance far. Torso flexion increased slightly at the lowest level on the pallet independent of the pallet distance. When keeping the pallet distance close, torso twist kinematics decreased only when palletizing to the highest and closest position of the pallet. When reorienting the pallet from 180° to 90° adjacent to the lift origin, the best strategy to reduce torso kinematics appears to be to eliminate the transferring of loads to the lowest level of the pallet, and keeping the pallet close to the lift origin. © 2004 - IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.


Journal article


Occupational Ergonomics

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173 - 183