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Professor Kokila Lakhoo, Consultant Paediatric Surgeon and Oxford University Global Surgery Group NDS faculty lead, has been interviewed by Incision UK.

Professor Kokila Lakhoo

Professor Lakhoo is a prominent advocate for global surgery; she leads the Global Initiative for Children’s Surgery and chairs the international forum for the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons. Through personal links with doctors in Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa, she has been able to develop paediatric surgery within these areas.

Professor Lakhoo was asked about her job, research, and the field of global surgery, and spoke about some of her amazing work in the short interview. When asked what advice she would have given herself when she was a medical student, Professor Lakhoo said: “Stay focussed and believe in yourself,” - something we should all tell ourselves during this trying time.

Incision is a student and junior doctor-led group which aims to promote safer surgery. Be sure to read the full interview here.

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