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Murtaza Kadhum



Murtaza graduated from St Georges, University of London in 2017 and commenced his academic foundation training in the Oxford Deanery. He graduated with distinction, with over 10 academic prizes. He completed his academic FY2, with a research interest in global surgery and hand surgery, working alongside the Lavy and Furniss groups respectively. He has published over 15 peer reviewed papers and led numerous global surgery research projects, including those focussing on clubfoot management and local production of surgical equipment. He is also keen on global surgery teaching and is involved in the teaching of global surgery SSM teaching. 


  1. "An analysis of the mechanical properties of the Ponseti Method in clubfoot treatment" - This study is a theoretical scientific analysis of the Ponseti Method, namely focussing on its mechanical aspects and with the overall goal to provide recommendations for its future development(see publications below).
  2. "The effect of time-specific mechanical stretching on calf tendons" - This is a lab based project, in conjunction with the Department of Materials focusing on the mechanical integrity of tendons after mechanical stretch. 
  3. "An Accelerated Ponseti protocol to treat clubfoot utilising daily manipulation" - a RCT focussing on providing evidence for an altered treatment regime to improve outcomes in Clubfoot treatment.