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Professor Kokila Lakhoo 

Professor Salome Maswime (University of Cape Town)

Research groups

Elliott Taylor

MSc (Res) student

Elliott's MSc by Research is co-supervised by Professor Kokila Lakhoo (University of Oxford) and Professor Salome Maswime (University of Cape Town). Elliott works closely with the Global Surgery Division at the University of Cape Town, where he is a Global Surgery Research Fellow. 

Women in Africa are fifty times more likely to die following caesarean delivery, compared to women in high-income settings. The peri-operative complication most associated with mortality is severe obstetric haemorrhage. Elliott's thesis is titled: Exploring Interventions To Reduce Blood Loss During And After Caesarean Delivery In Africa.

To achieve this Elliott is leading an international team to conduct a network meta-analysis of the effect of non-pharmacological interventions to reduce blood loss during and after caesarean delivery. He is also conducting a Delphi consensus study across the African Surgical Outcomes Study Network to identify which interventions Africa researchers and clinicians recommend as the most effective and feasible to implement in low-resourced settings.