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Selected publications authored by members of the OUGSG. Please note these represent work from a number of different collaborations and groups. Please see the individual papers for more information on affiliations etc..

Identifying Research Priorities in Musculoskeletal Trauma Care in Sub-Saharan Africa

Journal article

Graham SM. et al, (2022), JBJS Open Access, 7

Partnership Lessons Learned in Delivering a Foot and Ankle Surgical Course in Africa

Journal article

Brown R. et al, (2022), BMC Medical Education

The Health Determinants of Accessibility to Clubfoot Treatment in LMICs: A Global Exploration of Barriers and Solutions

Journal article

Sheik-Ali S. et al, (2021), International Journal of Maternal and Child Health and AIDS (IJMA), 10, 241 - 250

Cauda Equina Syndrome – A Practical Guide to Definition and Classification

Journal article

LAVY C. et al, (2021), International Orthopaedics

Re: Evaluation and management of cauda equina syndrome in the emergency department. Am J Emerg Med. 2020 38: 143–148

Journal article

Todd NV. and Lavy CBD., (2021), American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 48

Neglected Surgical Disease Burden Assessment In Zambia: Research Protocol For A Randomized Cross-Sectional Survey (vol 231, pg e26, 2020)

Journal article

Cheelo M. et al, (2021), JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS, 232, 341 - 341

Surgical care in District Hospitals in sub-Saharan Africa: a Scoping Review

Journal article

Bentounsi Z. et al, (2021), BMJ Open

COVID-19 and Orthopaedic International Humanitarianism

Journal article

Talsania AJ. et al, (2021), JAAOS Global

Assessment of Surgical Disease Burden in Zambia: Research Protocol for a Randomized Cross-Sectional Survey

Journal article

Cheelo M. et al, (2020), Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 231, e26 - e26

State of Anaesthesia at District Level Hospitals in Africa

Conference paper

Pittalis C. et al, (2020), Abstract 126.01 - Abstract 126.01

Ending Neglected Surgical Diseases (NSDs): Definitions, Strategies, and Goals for the Next Decade

Journal article

Henry JA. et al, (2020), International Journal of Health Policy and Management

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